Interface Transformer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTransformer, ArrayTransformer, BasicDateTransformer, BooleanAsStringTransformer, BooleanTransformer, CharacterTransformer, ClassTransformer, DateTransformer, DefaultCalendarTransformer, EnumTransformer, HibernateTransformer, HtmlEncoderTransformer, IterableTransformer, MapTransformer, NullTransformer, NumberTransformer, ObjectTransformer, StringTransformer, TransformerWrapper, ValueTransformer

public interface Transformer

Transformers are used to alter the values written to a Flexjson stream. This allows you to modify your data for use with HTML, security like stripping out <script> tags, or rendering HTML from simple markups like markdown or other technologies. Use JSONSerializer.transform(flexjson.transformer.Transformer, java.lang.String...) to register a Transformer to with a JSONSerializer.

Method Summary
 void transform(Object object)

Method Detail


void transform(Object object)

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