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Packages that use Transformer

Uses of Transformer in flexjson

Fields in flexjson with type parameters of type Transformer
protected  DeferredInstantiation<? extends Transformer> BeanProperty.transformer

Methods in flexjson that return Transformer
 Transformer BeanProperty.getTransformer()
 Transformer JSONContext.getTransformer(Object object)
          Retrieves a transformer for the provided object

Methods in flexjson with parameters of type Transformer
 JSONSerializer JSONSerializer.transform(Transformer transformer, Class... types)
          This adds a Transformer used to manipulate the value of all fields that match the type.
 JSONSerializer JSONSerializer.transform(Transformer transformer, String... fields)
          This adds a Transformer used to manipulate the value of all the fields you give it.

Method parameters in flexjson with type arguments of type Transformer
 void JSONContext.setPathTransformers(Map<Path,Transformer> pathTransformerMap)
          used to pass in configured transformers from the JsonSerializer

Uses of Transformer in flexjson.transformer

Classes in flexjson.transformer that implement Transformer
 class AbstractTransformer
 class ArrayTransformer
 class BasicDateTransformer
 class BooleanAsStringTransformer
          A Boolean Transformer that writes out as String values in the JSON stream.
 class BooleanTransformer
 class CharacterTransformer
 class ClassTransformer
 class DateTransformer
          User: brandongoodin Date: Dec 12, 2007 Time: 11:20:39 PM
 class DefaultCalendarTransformer
 class EnumTransformer
 class HibernateTransformer
 class HtmlEncoderTransformer
          A helper class provided out of the box to encode characters that HTML can't support natively like <, >, &, or ".
 class IterableTransformer
 class MapTransformer
 class NullTransformer
 class NumberTransformer
 class ObjectTransformer
 class StringTransformer
 class TransformerWrapper
          This class quietly wraps all transformers so that FlexJSON can perform certain functionality consistently across all transformers.
 class ValueTransformer

Fields in flexjson.transformer declared as Transformer
protected  Transformer TransformerWrapper.transformer

Methods in flexjson.transformer that return Transformer
 Transformer TypeTransformerMap.getTransformer(Object key)
 Transformer TypeTransformerMap.putTransformer(Class aClass, Transformer transformer)

Methods in flexjson.transformer with parameters of type Transformer
 Transformer TypeTransformerMap.putTransformer(Class aClass, Transformer transformer)

Constructors in flexjson.transformer with parameters of type Transformer
TransformerWrapper(Transformer transformer)

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