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I felt compelled to stop my work and send you a huge thanks!... Shortly after, I stumbled onto your software, and within a minute my code had shrunk to 2 lines and was still working. It's exactly what I was looking for! Flexjson compliments my development framework in saving me time, and being flexible enough for uses in the most basic to enterprise level of applications.
Dennis Kelly, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
I wanna congratulate you for your project. The documentation is very easy to undestand, simple and complete. It takes you right to the point that matters. Flexjson made the integration between java and the web interface easy, so we could construct well designed, concise ajax web systems in a more natural way.
Tiago Pires Carneiro
"Nice work! This API is nearly perfect for my team's use."
Michael Waluk, Workscape, Inc.
I must say I really like the quality of your code, simple, powerful and effective.
Mr. Glazer
Weve been using flexjson...Its been great much better than the other json tools weve experimented with.
Paul Farwell, Principle Engineer at Workscape, Inc
I just wanted to drop you a line and say great work on FlexJSON!