Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClassLocator

Uses of ClassLocator in flexjson

Methods in flexjson with parameters of type ClassLocator
 JSONDeserializer<T> JSONDeserializer.use(String path, ClassLocator locator)

Uses of ClassLocator in flexjson.factories

Methods in flexjson.factories that return ClassLocator
 ClassLocator ClassLocatorObjectFactory.getLocator()

Constructors in flexjson.factories with parameters of type ClassLocator
ClassLocatorObjectFactory(ClassLocator locator)

Uses of ClassLocator in flexjson.locators

Classes in flexjson.locators that implement ClassLocator
 class StaticClassLocator
          Simple implementation for translating an object path to a single class.
 class TypeLocator<T>
          This implementation uses a single field out of the object as the type discriminator.

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