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Packages that use JSONException

Uses of JSONException in flexjson

Methods in flexjson that return JSONException
 JSONException ObjectBinder.cannotConvertValueToTargetType(Object value, Class targetType)
 JSONException JSONTokener.syntaxError(String message)
          Make a JSONException to signal a syntax error.

Methods in flexjson that throw JSONException
 void JSONTokener.back()
          Back up one character.
 boolean JSONTokener.more()
          Determine if the source string still contains characters that next() can consume.
          Get the next character in the source string.
 char c)
          Consume the next character, and check that it matches a specified character.
 String n)
          Get the next n characters.
 char JSONTokener.nextClean()
          Get the next char in the string, skipping whitespace.
 String JSONTokener.nextString(char quote)
          Return the characters up to the next close quote character.
 String JSONTokener.nextTo(char d)
          Get the text up but not including the specified character or the end of line, whichever comes first.
 String JSONTokener.nextTo(String delimiters)
          Get the text up but not including one of the specified delimiter characters or the end of line, whichever comes first.
 Object JSONTokener.nextValue()
          Get the next value.
 char JSONTokener.skipTo(char to)
          Skip characters until the next character is the requested character.

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