Class BooleanAsStringTransformer

  extended by flexjson.transformer.AbstractTransformer
      extended by flexjson.transformer.BooleanAsStringTransformer
All Implemented Interfaces:
Inline, Transformer

public class BooleanAsStringTransformer
extends AbstractTransformer

A Boolean Transformer that writes out as String values in the JSON stream. This is great for writing out things like "Yes", "No", "Y", "N", "T", "F", etc. It doesn't handle numeric values. This was written as a separate Transformer so the performance of BooleanTransformer isn't impacted.

Constructor Summary
BooleanAsStringTransformer(String truthValue, String falseValue)
Method Summary
 void transform(Object object)
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Constructor Detail


public BooleanAsStringTransformer(String truthValue,
                                  String falseValue)
Method Detail


public void transform(Object object)

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